No gym? No excuses!

I’m fascinated that so many people, when complaining about weight again, use not having a gym membership as an excuse.  Here’s the thing!  You don’t need to join a gym to exercise.  I will admit to being more focused at times when I gym though, but if you can’t afford it, feel uncomfortable, then here […] Read more…


Rebalancing : Stronger than my excuses

I started the Weigh-less re-balance this morning as I’ve been off of my eating and exercise plan for  almost three months and I’m beginning to feel really crappie. I’ve been snacking on bad stuff, not eating my full quota and although I’ve been exercising at home,  it’s just not enough. So this morning I decided to […] Read more…


Mustering motivation

My level of motivation to get to gym has been lacking of late.  Everyone I know goes through a lack of motivation.  This morning I turned over twice and then decided to get moving and get to gym. I’ve found that knowing that my #gym clothes are waiting is one of the ways of helping […] Read more…


New body in progress

I haven’t posted much on here about my Weight Loss/Getting Fitter/Healthier journey of late and thought it was time I did. It has, along with regular gym sessions and Park Runs/Walks, become a hugely important part of my life. It started off, much like how I quit smoking, as something that bothered me on a subconscious […] Read more…

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