Textures on Wednesday

The cool air in the city called for a cardigan after a good few days super warm days for the time of year. I bought this necklace ages ago and have put it on and invariably taken it off. Today I decided to wear it.  My sister has the necklace and said she too has […] Read more…


Living in my Levi’s

A casual look for the day.  With my current lifestyle, I wear jeans a lot of the time.   I never was fond of jeans in my early 20’s and only after having my daughter Taryn, did I start to wear jeans.  They were never the first the item I’d choose out of my closet, but […] Read more…


Magic mint

I have a suspicion that I may well have worn this outfit before, or at least very similar, last summer. But I love it.  And the shoes, OMG, they were one of the best buys.  I actually saw a few very similar ones in the stores this week.  Aldo had a pair in a similar […] Read more…


Maxi with denim

We went out for lunch and since the weather was so great today, I decided to wear this strapless dress that I bought last summer. I did see a few other colours in the store where I purchased and it was very tempted, but resisted as I did not wear it that often, that adding […] Read more…

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