Word of 2016

Choose your word for 2016 I don’t believe I chose a word for 2015, I was simply busy coasting along.  I am ending the year with the word ‘flow’ as I got tired of tying to force the wheel and got three messages all saying simply flow.  What a relief to simply let go and […] Read more…


New way to think

As I was passing the early morning hours having woken before 4 am yet again  (my body seems content with 6 hours of sleep) I ran across the quote above again today.   In so many areas of our lives this is what we need to put into practice to make the real, tangible and long […] Read more…


Monday Motivation (on Tuesday) : Hold on

Its Tuesday, but since yesterday was a public holiday, it sure feels like Monday morning to me. I follow this delightfully beautiful and inspiring blog and, this is her latest post, which is just too gorgeous and inspiring not to share, which I believe she shared from here.  I hope it will life your spirits […] Read more…

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