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Pleasing purple

Jeggings and a cardigan

This morning I headed to Weigh-Less and much to my surprise, found that I have not been there in two months.  W.T.F.?  How is that possible?  But I am well chuffed at myself, I’m down 1.2kgs which brings me to a total loss of 3.7kgs.  Its been long, slow, hard and tested my self belief […] Read more…


Red jeans, again

Yes, I am still loving my red jeans, so much so, I wore them again this week. I started my morning off by admitting defeat and heading to my sweet GP and then took my Mom down to the Mall for her to exchange her Mother’s Day gift and do some banking. We enjoyed a […] Read more…


Chunky knits from Woolies

A month or so ago I spotted this super chunky cuddly oversized knit in Woolies and decided to add it to my closet.  I’m very bad in that I don’t often try things on in the store and then wait two or three months before I wear said item and by then I’ve tossed the […] Read more…

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