Denim Delights

Outfits featuring denim


Jeggings and stripes

I braved a visit to a Weigh-less knowing full well that for the past three weeks I’ve been completely off of plan and it included three days of absolute unhealthy choices and totally ignoring the plan. Thankfully, I only went up 400 grams.  But on the other side, it could take me a month to […] Read more…


Bomber Jacket & Jeans

I guess at this point we can safely say that my daily ‘uniform’ most days features a pair of jeans. For quite a while I was hesitant to share that this is what I wear most days, but its my reality and I decided to share more often again. I am not sure that this jacket […] Read more…


Denim, check & beads

Ride ’em cowboy – I’m just missing my big buckle belt and cowboy boots, oh and my gun and stepson 🙂  I think I’m ready for my Texas adventure. This outfit is ‘gifted’ to me by my sister Lynn. I was doing some banking and saw a deposit from her.  When I asked her why and what […] Read more…

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