Create : Wedding album

I asked my dd Taryn if I could make her Wedding Scrapbook Album as a gift to her and TJ, and she agreed. I have to admit, I’m nervous as heck. Why is that?  Maybe because I have not done a lot of scrapbooking over the last few years, but that has not stop me […] Read more…


Create : Update

A few weeks back I posted about the treasure box I was working on.  I had bought it with my sister Noleen’s birthday in mind.  She loves ‘old’ stuff and I thought I’d give decoupage with the crackle effect a go and hoped it would turn out good enough to be part of her gift. […] Read more…



For the longest time I’ve done very little creatively besides take photographs and work on my blog/website.  My diary for this year is a locally manufactured one (I usually buy the John Maxwell diary) Crafter’s Daily Planner : For the creative soul and has all sorts of ideas and partly why I chose it is […] Read more…