Essence Nail polish - Over the rainbow

Over the rainbow by Essence

I love trying out new nail polish colours just for the heck of it.  Sometimes they surprise me and I use them often, then other times, I have painted my nails and immediately removed the colour because it looks so shockingly horrible (I don’t mention those ones too often).  Other times, I wait a day […] Read more…


Sticky: Wise up on Beauty Treatments!

Considering the difficult financial times many people are experiencing, splurging on a Salon treatment is a luxury for many.  Not knowing the reputation of the salon you are going to is now a thing of the past.   PrettySmart is a new beauty salon review website which aims to provide you with all the info you need before you schedule that next salon […] Read more…


BB Cream by Sorbet

I reviewed the Garnier BB Cream last year February and can’t believe its been over ayear since I started using these.  I previously tried the Justine Tinted Moisturiser, which I found far too thin and had little to no real coverage.  I was rather hesitant at first about BB Creams, but all in all found […] Read more…


Sticky: Marc Anthony Grunge Hair

{Sponsored Press Release} We love what we see on the runways for this season; the austere lines give so many options for hair! We are entranced by both the dark femme fatale and the new grunge girl.  Messy polished. Our muses for this season: a legendary young Catherine Deneuve and infamous Courtney Love. The trick […] Read more…



What are your top treatments that make you feel loved and pampered – now I’m not talking a back rub from your hunk after he’s run you a candlelit bubble bath, but the ones that you pay out hard cash for because you love how you feel afterwards?  Be it a haircut, wax or pedicure […] Read more…

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